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I am James Graham the owner of USA Investors Realty.  In addition, I am also a full time real estate investor, coach & mentor.  I teach many of our members the proper way of finding bargain homes, how to fix it, and resell it quickly for big profits. If you are already a seasoned investor I can offer your additional insight into creative strategies to maximize your profit for the properties that you are interested in buying.

I specialize in recognizing & capitalizing on market opportunity & smartly tweaking mainstream methods, to significantly boost my Cash Flow and ROI as much as 100 - 300%.  My non-main steam High Cash flow techniques allow each dollar I invest in the real estate market to quickly begin working hard & smart for my members, my students, my Partners, & me.

My purpose is to use the nearly 30 years of knowledge, experience, resources & success I have had in real estate to help you get started, if you’re a beginner… or help you grow your portfolio if you’re a seasoned investor.

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To get you started you are welcome, but not required, to set up a time to meet with me by conference call to chat for 15-30 minutes.
During this live one-on-one I will personally make sure you have all of your questions answered satisfactorily before you begin.


I'll also go through your personal parameters with you to insure my team understands what you want to achieve, how soon, and how big!

I will also provide you with more insight so that when we are done you'll also be familiar with my team & our guaranteed processes.

Then together, we will determine our next steps to proceed forward.

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