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Seller Finance...  Mthly Pmts Less Than Rent!

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Because of the great Values, Returns & Creative Financing… Our properties go very quickly!  So I’ll encourage you, like I do our other clients, not to wait or you will most likely lose your chance to pick up the one(s) you want.

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Our "Creative Financing" allows buyers to own a home with low monthly payments that are less than rent. This process also helps our buyers move in or gain possession of the property much faster because you are not required to put lots of money down and you are not penalized for the unfortunate circumstances in your past which has caused you to possibly have less than perfect credit.

The down payment and monthly payments cover principal and interest over a 1 to 30 year term.

Please note the seller finance price is always higher than the discounted cash price.

In order to qualify for this home, you must:

  • Make a combined net income of at least $1,800 per month. (Some homes require a higher monthly income).
  • Have secure employment, job stability, but some bruised credit is OK.
  • Have the ability to make repairs to the house.

Property is sold in "as-is" condition.  Some Properties are in move in condition and some will need some work and repairs. The price for this home take into account either scenario and reflects any work needed.  As always, any work needed will be your responsibility if you are the buyer.