USA Seller Finance Program

Because of the rapid growth of the program and the interest in our Seller Finance /Rent To Own Homes... We've made some amazing new changes to the process.


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James and his company USA Investors Realty is here to help you get started if you’re a beginner… or help you grow your portfolio if you’re a seasoned investor.

Jim G.
USA Investors Realty - CEO

This is so that we can better serve you with early Occupancy and guaranteed results of home ownership .

I am holding a FREE 1hr online "Seller Finance /Rent To Own" homeowners coaching workshop this week personally covering:

  • 1) what new properties we have...
  • 2) what properties are still available...
  • 3) how to get into one of our Seller Finance / Rent To Own homes... &
  • 4) how to use our program and free resources to get you into a property that we don't own.

All you need is internet access.

If you are serious about becoming a new home owner...

And want to use our Rent To Own /Seller Finance Process to get you into one of our places, of your choice, in the next 30-45 days... & you don't want to loose the house you've chosen to someone else... I encourage you to make your attendance a PRIORITY.

You are welcome to join us.

If you’re interested in Joining Our Free 1hr Online -Workshop, we’d love to Have you!

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